Popular Reasons to Get Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners Philadelphia, PA

If you have orthodontic-related issues, you might be considering clear aligners among other teeth straightening treatments. Clear aligners correct teeth misalignment with transparent, nearly invisible trays. This article discusses some of the reasons why you should consider getting clear aligners

Reasons to choose clear aligners

The following are popular reasons why anyone looking to have straighter teeth should consider getting clear aligners:

Almost invisible

Clear aligners are created with clear polymer material, which makes them nearly invisible on the teeth. Many people do not like the appearance of regular metal braces on their teeth. Therefore, they consider aligners a preferable alternative as they go through their day-to-day activities without anyone noticing the aligners.

They are removable

Unlike metal braces that are fixed and only removable by a dentist, clear aligners are removable. Although they still have to be worn for about 20 to 22 hours for effective treatment, patients can take them out if they need to eat, brush or floss. This flexibility means there is no diet restriction (patients can safely continue to enjoy their favorite meals). If there is a special occasion or presentation, patients can take advantage of the two-hour window.

Since it is easy to maintain good oral hygiene while wearing aligners, there is less chance of discoloration after treatment ends. People who opt for braces may find that cleaning their teeth is more challenging, which may cause their teeth to look discolored after the braces come off.

They are versatile

Aligners are becoming effective for more cases of malocclusion. Although some severe cases might still require the force provided by braces, upgrades like included power ridges in clear aligners can now accurately control which teeth move and when. This has significantly increased the cases of teeth misalignment that can be corrected by clear aligners.

They are more comfortable

Metal braces have wires and metal brackets, and getting accustomed to them can take some time. The sharp edges can graze the insides of the mouth. Clear aligners are custom-made to be a perfect fit and run along the contours of the mouth comfortably. The thermoplastic materials used for producing them are more comfortable and do not have sharp edges.

Fewer dental appointments

For patients who have busy schedules, this might be a good reason to choose clear aligners. Few appointments are required as the dentist will provide multiple aligner trays to be worn one set at a time for two weeks. The dental checkups will probably happen every six to eight weeks so that the dentist can monitor treatment progress and provide the net set of aligner trays. The average patient using clear aligners makes fewer trips to the dentist compared to those with metal braces.

Final note

Getting straighter teeth is easier than ever. You can get clear aligners because of the many benefits they offer. However, you will still need to meet with the dentist to know if they are the most suitable option for your condition. Book an appointment today to get started.

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