When an Emergency Dentist is Recommended

Emergency Dentist Philadelphia, PA

An emergency dentist can help patients determine if their injury or oral health issue is a dental emergency or if the patient can wait for a more opportune time to visit the dentist. If there is any doubt, then be sure to call the emergency dentist’s office for guidance. 

What is considered a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies “are potentially life-threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding or to alleviate severe pain or infection,” according to the American Dental Association (ADA). This review discusses exactly when an emergency dentist is needed.

Severe bleeding and swelling

Severe bleeding and swelling can result from dental trauma. This could be in the form of a nasty fall, getting hit by a ball, a construction accident, a car accident, or the old-fashioned dirty play in contact sports. A minor injury that does not knock any teeth loose or causes severe gum damage may not be an emergency, but anytime there is uncontrolled or excessive bleeding, then it is important to visit the emergency dentist. 

A tooth is knocked out or loose

Of course, any time a tooth is knocked out of its socket, a trip to the emergency dentist is necessary to deal with the discomfort and ensure the tooth is repositioned or replaced.  Be sure to preserve the lost tooth if it is knocked out by keeping it clean. It may help to rinse it thoroughly and place it in a cup of milk. Call the emergency dentist for guidance after a knocked-out tooth occurs. 

There are signs of a severe infection

Signs of an oral infection include but are not limited to swollen gums and tooth pain. Swollen lymph nodes and a fever can develop in some cases as well. If there are severe symptoms, then it is important to call an emergency dentist to determine if coming to the office for prompt care is necessary. 

Severe sensitivity or the tooth goes numb

Tooth sensitivity can result for a variety of reasons, including a tooth infection, deep dental decay, a cracked tooth, and more. Minor sensitivity can often be managed by avoiding hot and cold temperatures and protecting the affected area until a more opportune time to visit the dentist. However, severe sensitivity or sensitivity that leads to the affected area becoming completely numb is a dental emergency that requires prompt treatment. 

The symptoms of trauma or infection are intolerable

Most dental emergencies are the result of either dental trauma (i.e. a blow to the face) or an infection caused by the exposure of a tooth’s root. If these symptoms become severe to the point where the pain is intolerable, then it is important to visit the emergency dentist. 

Get in touch with our emergency dentistry today

You can reach our emergency dentist team by phone. We can help treat a range of dental emergencies, including dental trauma, severe toothaches, and more. No one should have to deal with severe oral pain without getting the care they need, and we are here to help with immediate symptom relief and provide long-term oral care as well.

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