When to Consider Partial Dentures as an Option

Dentures And Partial Dentures Philadelphia, PA

Partial dentures can make things easier for many people suffering from the loss of at least two teeth. These teeth replacements are also ideal for people who have lost many teeth in one arch. A partial denture has a metal base with an acrylic cover. It looks like a set of real teeth, which has aesthetic advantages. If you want to know when you should consider partial dentures, here are the details.

Main reasons

A dentist may recommend dentures to make chewing easier for the patient. Tooth loss makes it difficult to chew. This results in swallowing big pieces of food. Partial dentures can help chew food better. It prevents the patient from having digestive issues because of indigestion.

The patient may also need to regain self-esteem. Smiling and socializing are not pleasant experiences when there are missing teeth. Partial dentures complete a person’s look. These teeth replacements allow the patient to speak, smile, laugh, and even eat with other people. Partials can restore a person’s smile.

Tooth loss often results in slur or lisp when speaking. This may be cute in children but not so much in adults. It results in a low self-image. These dentures can also help the patient speak better, allowing the person to regain self-assurance.

Missing teeth leave gaps. The spaces leave the remaining natural teeth vulnerable to shifting. This will affect the patient’s bite, cause dental pain, or lead to periodontitis. Partial dentures can fill the spaces and prevent chaos from happening in the mouth.

Why each type of partial denture may be recommended

The dentist may recommend specific types of partials for different reasons. Flippers or removable partials are temporary solutions. Patients can wear these while deciding on a more permanent teeth-replacement system. These partials have a broad acrylic base, which attaches to the gums through suction. Flippers are not comfortable to wear. But patients can speak and chew better with them.

Removable cast metal partials are popular partial dentures because of their high-quality synthetic teeth and cast-metal frame. Dentists may recommend them for patients who want a more secure option than flippers. A fixed bridge is a more comfortable option for patients with one or two missing dentitions with healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. It attaches to the two dental crowns on both sides of the artificial tooth or teeth.

Implant-supported fixed bridges are partial dentures for people who have many missing teeth. The dentist can attach more permanent synthetic teeth to this system. Here, the dentist will place dental implants in strategic areas of the arch. Then, the dentist will place the overdentures on them. This is the most stable type of partial denture.

Flexible partials are for those who are allergic to acrylic. They are also for those who want a more comfortable teeth-replacement system. These teeth replacements are made of thin and flexible plastic material. These partials can last for years with proper maintenance.

The right set of partial dentures can bring back your beautiful smile

Tooth loss is a common problem. Many people suffer from the consequences of missing teeth. Dentists can recommend the right partial dentures for your specific needs. An appointment with your dentist can determine which option will suit you most.

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