The Effectiveness of Take Home Teeth Whitening Trays

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Using take-home teeth whitening trays is a convenient way to have a brighter smile. You can start this treatment at the dental clinic. Then, you can continue it at home or use the treatment for touch-ups. The effectiveness of take-home teeth whitening is different than the in-office version. If you want to learn about the effectiveness of using teeth whitening trays at home, here are the details.

More effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening products

Grocery stores and drug stores sell commercial teeth-whitening treatments. These products have low concentrations of bleach. It takes weeks or even months before results become visible. Whitening teeth at home with these trays is better than using over-the-counter teeth-whitening products. The bleaching gel is dentist-formulated. It will whiten teeth in about two weeks.

Take-home teeth whitening trays are custom-fit. The ones anyone can buy from stores are not. These ill-fitting trays may cause the whitening gel to spill into the gums. This could cause gum irritation. It could also complicate current dental problems.

The dentist will check the patient’s teeth and gums first before letting the patient go home with the take-home teeth-whitening system. This checkup will determine if there are problems in need of treatments. The dentist will address the issues. This preparation will help give the patient an even white finish after the treatment.

Following instructions is vital

The dentist will emphasize specific instructions for the take-home teeth-whitening treatment. One example is not to overfill the teeth whitening trays. This will prevent gum irritation during treatment. The instructions will help the individual have a pleasant teeth whitening experience.

The dentist will teach the patient how to prepare the teeth well before the treatment. Instructions on how to place the whitening gel onto the trays are part of the treatment. The dentist will also explain how long the trays need to be on the teeth and how to clean the teeth after. The patient must remember these instructions to avoid any damage to the soft tissues of the mouth.

The treatment will go on for about two weeks

The patient must stay with the take-home teeth-whitening treatment for about two weeks. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the type of bleaching product. It also depends on the patient’s needs and goals. Wearing teeth whitening trays with a high concentration of bleaching gel will be more effective. The patient can stop wearing the whitening trays after reaching the preferred level of whiteness.

Each patient gets a different result

The results of take-home teeth-whitening treatments differ from person to person. It does not give everyone the same level of brightness. Bleaching teeth is often effective for removing stains on the surfaces of teeth. Staining underneath the surfaces of teeth may not disappear using this whitening technique. These stubborn stains may result from trauma, genetics, or medication.

Additional information about take-home teeth whitening trays

The patient must be ready to put time and effort into using take-home teeth whitening trays. The trays will be custom fit, providing full contact with the patient’s teeth. Getting the dimensions of the person’s teeth will be necessary during the consultation. This is possible with the use of dental impressions.

Creating the custom-fit aligners in the lab will need these impressions. The clear aligners will have enough space in them to contain the teeth bleaching agent. This will ensure the proper coating of the teeth without leaking the solution onto the surrounding soft tissues. The number of treatments depends on the patient as well. The procedure will only finish when the patient reaches the right shade of white.

The results differ for every patient. Each person has a different set of dental whitening needs. The bleaching agent can only target and remove surface stains. Intrinsic or deeper stains will need another type of teeth whitening method.

Take-home dental whitening trays are more powerful than over-the-counter products. Using them makes more sense because of the results the patient will get. Over-the-counter teeth whitening products take weeks to months to work. In some cases, these products do not even work at all. Using the trays from a licensed dentist can save time, effort, and money.

Using take-home teeth whitening trays the right way will give you professional results

It is always empowering to be in control of your teeth-whitening treatment. Doing this the right way means seeking the help of your dentist. Knowing what to do and what to expect is still necessary. Wearing your trays every day will guide you to a brighter, healthier smile.

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