Teeth Straightening Options from a General Dentist

Teeth Straightening Philadelphia, PA

Teeth straightening can give you a better, brighter smile. You can ask your dentist about the different options available. Knowing about what method you can have can help you choose the one most suitable for your needs. Here are the details about the available teeth straightening options at your general dentist’s clinic.

Orthodontic retainers

Wearing retainers is a teeth straightening technique. Patients use these dental appliances as a supplement after finishing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic retainers can polish the results of the treatment. They can improve the positioning of teeth as well. Traditional retainers are made of metal. The patient wears them underneath the top arch or over the bottom arch.

The general dentist will take an impression of the patient’s teeth and gums. This will provide a clear picture of the patient’s dental alignment. The dentist will create the orthodontic retainers from this mold. The dentist will need to adjust the wires to ensure proper alignment.

Traditional braces

These teeth straightening appliances are common. This treatment has always been recommended by general dentists. Traditional braces are even effective in correcting uneven bites. The brackets and metal wires move individual teeth until all of them line up properly. The patient needs to see the general dentist every month for adjustments as the teeth move into position.

Traditional braces often have metal wires and brackets. The patient can also choose to have tooth-colored wires and clear brackets. Having clear brackets allows the patient to have a more discreet teeth straightening experience. Clear brackets are not as noticeable as metal ones. The patient can be less awkward during photo opportunities and gatherings.

Clear aligners

These teeth straightening appliances evolved from traditional braces and retainers. This is a popular alternative to traditional braces and retainers. There are many companies that manufacture and apply clear aligners. The main goal of these aligners is to shift teeth at the same time. In this method, the patient does most of the work.

The patient must wear an aligner for the top dental arch and another one for the bottom dental arch. The clear or transparent color of these aligners attracts many adult patients. This teeth straightening treatment is almost invisible. No one would know the aligners are there at one glance.

Cosmetic contouring

This is also a term for reshaping teeth. Patients who have misshapen teeth can have this with their teeth straightening treatment. Here, the dentist changes the shape and length of the patient’s teeth. This results in a more attractive set of teeth.

The dentist can use a sanding drill, but most patients prefer a laser. These instruments can help the dentist remove the enamel. Doing so helps change the shape of the teeth. The dentist will then polish the teeth to complete the treatment.

Teeth straightening treatment can give you a brighter, more beautiful smile

A straight smile is a healthy smile. Aligned teeth do not have unreachable corners that could harbor plaque and food particles. The type of teeth straightening treatment depends on your case. An appointment with your general dentist can help determine which teeth straightening method will fit your needs well.

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