Pediatric Dentist Quick Guide to Your Child’s First Visit

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If you have not taken your child to the pediatric dentist, now is the right time to go. A first visit can be intimidating to the child and to you as the parent. Fortunately, if you prepare yourself, you and your child can feel comfortable during the appointment. There are certain key steps that will take place at this checkup. As you learn more about the importance of dental care for your child, you can also establish good habits.

Why oral health care matters

It is hard to imagine a parent that consciously neglects taking a child to the doctor’s office. It should not be any different with dental care. Taking care of a child’s teeth and gums is vital. Ignoring these needs can lead to decay, infection, and disease. Tooth loss can occur, which can cause a host of health challenges. When parents teach children about proper brushing and flossing, as well as going to dental appointments, the child can feel positive about these needs throughout life.

Before going

A pediatric dentist will advise parents to get their child ready for the visit. Beforehand, the parent should discuss the trip with the child. The parent should talk about it positively. Relating experiences and telling stories of the parent’s dental experiences can help calm the child.

Knowing what will happen at the appointment

A pediatric dentist will focus on the health of the child’s teeth and gums. There will also be an assessment of the child’s oral health development and growth. The dentist will examine the patient’s teeth for cavities. There will also be an evaluation of whether the child has the beginnings of gum disease. The dentist will also look at the jaw and make sure there are no abnormalities and dysfunctions.

Instruction and advice

It can be difficult for parents to teach their children how to brush and floss properly. This takes commitment and patience. A pediatric dentist can help with these efforts. At the child’s first visit, the dentist will take time to show the parent and child how to brush, including how to hold the toothbrush, how much toothpaste to use, and how long to brush. The parent should ask questions and raise any concerns. The dentist may also talk about limiting the amount of sugar the child eats and drinks.

Easing anxieties

It is not unusual for a child to be nervous about a first visit to the dentist’s office. Fears and anxieties are common. The pediatric dentist has the knowledge and training of how to help children overcome these worries and feel more at ease in the dental chair. The dentist will speak calmly with the child and invite the parent or parents to be present. The office will have a fun and inviting atmosphere as well.

A pediatric dentist is here to get your child off to a good start

Dental visits for children should start early. As children start getting teeth, these appointments should take place. Following these tips and being aware of these things can comfort you and your child. You can then both feel good about the upcoming visit.

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