How Often Are Dental Exams Needed?

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A regular dental exam is one of the most important ways of maintaining a great smile. Even if you already have good habits at home, you will need to see the dentist a couple of times each year. Then you can get a checkup from them. The dentist can often find issues as soon as they happen. That way, you will not need to worry about having expensive repairs done.

Promoting oral health

Regular dental exams help the dentist find decay or other issues, like gum disease. Sometimes, the dentist might detect oral cancer. Often, these issues do not cause pain or seem visible at first. Then the patient will have a more advanced stage of the condition. The dentist can treat a problem early to prevent it from becoming worse. For instance, a patient might only need a cavity filling now. But if the cavity were left untreated, the patient might need a root canal later.

When to get checkups

To have better oral health, patients will want to have a checkup every six months or more. Many patients find that having two checkups each year is the right amount. However, some patients might need to go in more. For instance, those who have gum disease might need to have extra visits. That way, the dentist can see if the condition is advancing any.

What patients can expect

During the exam, the dentist will see if the patient has any concerns. That could include sensitive teeth or pain in a specific area. The dentist can go over the patient’s medical history, such as past issues in the mouth. The dentist will often take photos of the teeth and X-rays, especially if the patient is new. That way, the dentist can compare later images and see if the patient’s mouth is changing in any way.

The dentist will do a periodontal exam to see if the gums are healthy. That could include gently probing various areas to determine how healthy these are. The dentist might look for instances of cavities, as well. Then the dentist can make recommendations on the right home care tools. The dentist will often see if there are any swelling or deep pockets in the gum area. If there is, the patient might have gum disease and require treatment to be done.

The dentist will also look over the bite and jawbone during the dental exam. That might include looking at the way the teeth meet when the patient bites down. Then the dentist can see if there is any tooth grinding. There could also be TMJ issues.

Getting a dental exam

Getting a regular dental exam can help you have better oral health, keeping the gums and teeth in great condition. Getting checkups is part of preventive care, and it might promote a healthier mouth. The dentist often benefits the patient most when the patient has a relationship with them. That can be cultivated through regular visits. Making an appointment now lets you find out more.

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