Composite Fillings: What You Should Know

Composite Filling Philadelphia, PA

Most dental patients prefer composite fillings. These tooth-colored fillings are made of ceramic and plastic substances. Long ago, dentists only used these tooth-colored fillings for the front teeth. These fillings were never for chewing or grinding surfaces because resin was not sturdy enough. Now, these fillings can take the stresses of the teeth in the back of your mouth. If you are considering getting composite fillings, here are points to keep in mind.

New use

Dentists are now using these fillings in the back of the mouth. These fillings are made of a durable blend of powdered glass and tooth-colored, non-toxic plastic. Dentists use composite fillings to repair and restore teeth. Even the teeth in the back of the mouth become more durable with more aesthetic enhancement. That is why most patients request these fillings for teeth restorations.

The placement

When dentists place these durable fillings, there is no pain at all. The discomfort is usually when the dentist prepares the tooth for the filling. During this time, the dentist needs to clean and clear the tooth of decaying material. Only then will the dentist take some composite bonding and mold it into the cavity. The filling needs to harden with some time under a curing light. This procedure finishes in less than an hour.

The traits

Composite fillings are in demand because of their one-of-a-kind qualities. The moldable quality of these fillings makes them ideal for sealing even big cavities. It prevents bacteria in the mouth from entering the tooth. This reduces infection and decay.

A decaying tooth that does not receive treatment will need extraction in the end. With a good composite filling, the patient also avoids more expensive treatments like a root canal. The tooth becomes stronger. It also enables the patient to use the tooth as soon as the filling hardens.

The patient also gets almost no discomfort when dentists apply dental fillings. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings need less preparation and drilling. Patients who tend to be anxious or fearful of dentists will have minimal issues with these fillings. Of course, being tooth-colored makes fillings appealing to many patients, as well.

The purpose

Composite fillings are effective in repairing or restoring teeth. If the patient has fractured, cracked, or chipped teeth, this type of filling can help. Other signs usually indicate the need for composite fillings. Some of them are sharp pain, lost filling, dark spots, and sensitivity. If patients are aware of these signs, dentists can apply composite fillings earlier. This will prevent the problems from worsening.

Proper care

Maintaining proper oral care is a basic way of caring for composite fillings. Flossing, brushing, and using a fluoride mouthwash can help keep these fillings intact. Even if these fillings are strong, they could still crack if the patient keeps biting on something hard. Patients should also stay away from highly acidic foods and beverages to prevent the fillings from weakening.

Composite fillings are ideal for form and function

Sometimes, your teeth chip, crack, or break down because of decay. It is difficult to use the damaged tooth because it becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to decay. Aesthetics is another thing. A broken tooth near the front can cause low self-esteem. With composite fillings, you can restore your smile without anyone even knowing that you did. As soon as this type of filling hardens, you can use the tooth for eating right away.

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