Ask a Family Dentist: When Should I Visit a Dentist for a Toothache?

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A family dentist can help with your toothache. This type of pain seems to radiate throughout the entire body. Even if it is weak, it still bothers the entire body. If you want to find out when you should visit a dentist for dental pain, here are the facts from a family dentist.

The pain is severe

Minor toothache can get relief from various treatment options at home. Tooth pain that does not disappear after some pain medication must be under the care of a dentist. A family dentist would recommend seeing a dental care provider right away. Many things can cause toothache. The treatment will depend on the specific cause.

Different factors contribute to toothache. Habits, diet, and lifestyle choices can trigger or aggravate tooth pain. Tooth sensitivity because of touch or temperature tends to go away in seconds. If it lingers, seeing the dentist is an order.

The tooth is loose

Wiggly or loose teeth should not happen in adulthood. By this time, adults should have strong and sturdy teeth. Painful, loose teeth could be evidence of injury or infection. Patients should see a family dentist right away in that case. That way, the patient could get immediate treatment.

A dentist could stabilize the tooth loosened from an injury. Loose teeth from gum disease are another matter. The dentist must treat the localized infection first. This will target the pain. Early treatment must happen to stop the infection from spreading. This will prevent tooth extraction.

There is a dental abscess

An abscessed tooth is a painful infection. It is often at the root of the tooth. Severe gum disease, trauma, or an untreated cavity may cause an abscess. A patient could have pus, swollen glands, foul taste in the mouth, or fever if there is an abscessed tooth. The common treatment for this is dental surgery and proper drainage of the pus.

The pain comes with bleeding

An aching tooth with excessive gum bleeding is a strong sign of periodontitis. It is recommended to see a family dentist right away. The dentist will examine the gums and treat them for periodontitis. The treatment will depend on the stage of the disease. That is why routine dental exams are important. Early gum disease treatment maintains the health of teeth and gums.

The patient’s jaw is swollen

A family dentist knows that a swollen jaw is a definite sign of severe infection. An infected salivary gland will cause difficulty swallowing or breathing. There will also be a bad taste in the mouth. This needs immediate dental treatment. A blockage in the salivary gland is a common occurrence. A dentist can correct the situation, especially if caught early.

The tooth became numb

A painful tooth can become numb later on. This happens if the infection reaches the root of the tooth. A visit to the family dentist is a must then. There could be a deeper infection happening.

A family dentist can enlighten you about your ongoing toothache

Tooth pain can be sudden and mild. It can even linger and become chronic. This will need the immediate attention of a family dentist. An emergency appointment will help determine and treat the root cause of the pain.

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